Posthumanist Praxis: Challenging Stories of Space and Place

In April of 2021, we hosted an online engaged learning experience at the 4Cs conference. This is my (Mimi) reflection on the session. In the moments leading up to our session, we wondered if anyone would show up. Not only were we prerecorded, we were also scheduled for a Saturday afternoon at 5:00 pm. WouldContinue reading “Posthumanist Praxis: Challenging Stories of Space and Place”

Concept #1: Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity

The framing of this concept is typically human oriented, as the connotations of “social” and “rhetorical” remain human centered. In Naming What We Know, (see this post for an introduction to the book) the contributors tackle this first principle by including several subconcepts. These subconcepts can be viewed through a limited humanist lens, however, IContinue reading “Concept #1: Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity”